Apple TV or Mac Mini

January 22, 2007

(Brady Forrest, O’Reilly radar) “Last week Apple didn’t just release the iPhone. They also released Apple TV, a single use appliance that allows you to play music, watch movies and view your pictures from your home PCs or Macs. When I saw it my first thought was how this would stack up compared to the Mac Mini as a multimedia device. Both are small, both have iTunes — what are the exact trade-offs? Luckily, the Apple Blog has written up a great side-by-side comparison of the Mac Mini and the Apple TV…”

O’Reilly Radar > Apple Tv or Mac Mini


Google Ads in Video Games

January 22, 2007

(centernetworks) “Nick and Kevin at the Wall Street Journal (sub required) have a lengthy article today about the possibility of Google acquiring Adscape, a company which places ads inside video games. Google noted that a deal could be reached as early as next week…”

Google’s Next Ad Frontier May Be Inside Videogames, Google looking to acquire Adscape – CenterNetworks – News, Reviews, Insights and Interviews

What Will Jobs be Bringing to MacWorld?

January 5, 2007

(Scott Ferguson, “…Industry watchers say the annual event may bring word of an improved, full-screen iPod and an Apple cell phone compatible with iTunes.

Each year, in the weeks leading to Apple Computer’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco, the rumors and speculation begin circulating about what CEO Steve Jobs and his team will unveil during the major keynote address.This year is no exception…”

Analysts: Expect iTV, Leopard News at Macworld

New Marketing Perspectives from John Hagel

July 31, 2006

(Jon Hagel) “We are in the early stages of a profound shift in the economics of business that will transform marketing (along with many other things). Three shifts in economics are occurring in parallel…”

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Mastering New Marketing Practices