Widgets… All the Buzz

January 22, 2007

(Scott Kirshner, New York Times) “On his Web log, Pastor Hyatt, the leader of the Evergreen Community in Portland, Ore., has woven in widgets, or mini-applications, that show a selection of book covers from his personal library, present the most recent posts from some of his favorite blogs, and serve up random quotes from the television show “Arrested Development.”“You start small, and it’s kind of like an addiction,” said Pastor Hyatt (his blog is at bobhyatt.typepad.com). “TypePad has a whole section of widgets, and they’re adding more all the time,” he continued, referring to a popular blog-hosting service…”

Some Bling for Your Blog – New York Times


Flash Based Zune for Xmas This Year

January 22, 2007

(Ryan Block, engadget) “It looks like the same discussion with Chris Stephenson that yielded that 2007 European Zune launch figure also gave up a few more details about the Zune line: apparently we can expect a flash-based Zune for the holiday season later this year (damn they’re taking their dear sweet time on that) and apparently Stephenson also hinted at “a truly WiFi-enabled device” at some point in the future, according to Digital Music News…”

Flash-based Zune due in Q407, better WiFi soon – Engadget

Everyone’s Excited about Adobe’s Apollo – Even Ebay

January 5, 2007

It’s all about the universal desktop…

(Ryan Stewart, ZDNet.com) “…eBay has been experimenting with different technologies to make it easier for their users to buy and sell things on eBay. One of these experiments is the “San Dimas” project.

The most excellent San Dimas project (name courtesy of Bill & Ted) is a child of the eBay Developers Program and EffectiveUI. Alan Lewis, the technical evangelist of the program answered some of my questions about San Dimas and how they are using Apollo. As far as I know, eBay is the only large company that has looked into Apollo. Alan made sure to stress that right now they have no plans to release San Dimas but they are still working on it, so read into that what you will…”

» How eBay is developing with Adobe’s Apollo project | The Universal Desktop | ZDNet.com

Digg Gets an Update…

December 22, 2006

Read more at centernetworks…

Digg updates site with new options – story gets dugg – CenterNetworks – News, Reviews, Insights and Interviews

An Introduction to Interaction Design from Adaptive Path

July 28, 2006

(Liz Danzico, Businessweek) “If you’ve been delighted by your iPod, intrigued with your TiVo, or frustrated by your mobile phone, then you have encountered the work of an interaction designer. And an interaction designer, most likely, has crafted the experience we have with many of the products and services we encounter every day. Dan Saffer, a senior interaction designer at Adaptive Path, leads us through an exploration of this emerging discipline. Published this month, Saffer’s new book, Designing for Interaction, is a much-needed primer on the topic, helping us understand the design of interactive systems. Voice talked with Saffer just prior to his book being published in July…”

Interaction Design: An Introduction

16 minutes of Jakob Nielsen pointing out the obvious…

July 28, 2006

One day maybe I’ll figure out a way to make money by syaing the same thing over and over again and offering no new value to anyone 🙂

(DevSource / Ziff Davis) “You don’t have to be a usability expert to recognize the name Dr. Jakob Nielsen. He’s considered the web usability guru, and is president of the Neilsen-Norman Group and author of Designing Web Usability : The Practice of Simplicity (and several other books)…”

Designing Your Applications for Usability

Vista showing shades of Mac OSX

July 25, 2006

July 19, 2006 (Computerworld) — Computerworld obtained a recent interim build of Windows Vista, Build 5472, that shows Microsoft is making progress in the areas of performance and installation time, has refined the User Account Control (UAC), updated the main Control Panel that manages networking access and settings, included mild design improvement to the Vista Basic video mode, and improved how Media Center works.

Windows Vista trouble spots improve in interim Beta Build 5472