The Wii Browser

December 22, 2006

Opera? Check out the first looks from Engadget…

Wii browser hands-on – Engadget
…or go right to the image gallery for the screenshots


Taking iPod Minimalism to a Better Place

December 22, 2006

A new mp3 player from European disk/memory/USB drive maker TrekStor is bringing moving parts back into fashion. This is a beatuiful new take on the basic iPod style of interaction design – and it solves the problems associated with the synaptic touch pad wheel.

TrekStor – vibez

Pandora is Going Social

December 22, 2006

(Michael Arrington, TechCrunch) “Tonight Pandora is releasing a additional features aimed at increasing interaction among members. These social features include listener profiles with musical preferences, bio information, etc. (previously listeners had only a list of bookmarked songs), as well as listener search and lists of users who are fans of particular bands…”

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » Pandora Goes Social

Ticketmaster Grabs 25% of iLike

December 22, 2006

(Michael Arrington, TechCrunch) “In about an hour, we hear, iLike and TicketMaster will announce a strategic agreement that includes a $13.3 million investment in iLike for 25% of the company.That puts the value of iLike at a whopping $53.2 million. The company launched less than two months ago, on October 25…”

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » Scoop: TicketMaster Pours $13.3 Million Into iLike

Digg Gets an Update…

December 22, 2006

Read more at centernetworks…

Digg updates site with new options – story gets dugg – CenterNetworks – News, Reviews, Insights and Interviews

Reevoo Gets Some Additional Cash

December 22, 2006

(centernetworks) “Reevoo, a reviews site that is based on the “trusted review”, has received $5 million in funding. We reviewed the site this summer and thought it was a brilliant way to handle reviews to reduce fraudulent reviews. Check out our interview with CEO Richard Anson from October…”

Reevoo receives a round of investment funding – CenterNetworks – News, Reviews, Insights and Interviews

Welcome to the Venice Project… the next-gen internet video download?

December 22, 2006

(centernetworks) “I had the chance to participate in the beta of “The Venice Project”, the next project of the Kazaa and Skype founders. The website describes the software as a new venture that combines the best elements of the TV experience with the most powerful Internet technologies.”

Beta tester review of The Venice Project (with screenshots!) – CenterNetworks – News, Reviews, Insights and Interviews