Zookoda Hits the Auction Block (along with everyone else)

Have a Web2.0 company? – Sell that sucker on Ebay!

(Michael Arrington, TechCrunch) “While some companies have the ability to hire investment banks to help them sell themselves (see Grouper and Napster for recent examples), eBay is proving to the be liquidity path of last resort for many struggling web startups, or those that simply want to sell out for a few hundred thousand dollars. We’ve tracked at least six “web 2.0″ companies who’ve attempted to sell themselves on eBay over the last year, and four of the six have been put up for sale in the last month. As an aside we also noted a Digg user profile that sold on ebay for $822 in July 2006…”

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » Exclusive – Zookoda Goes Up For Auction


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