Basecamp has Competition

(Marshall Kirkpatrick, TechCrunch) “AdventNet’s online productivity suite Zoho has added a project management system to its already long list of offerings. ZohoProjects is now accepting new signups and there’s a demo account you can use from the front page. The Zoho team told me that if Basecamp targets “the less is more crowd,” ZohoProjects will be feature rich. It’s not there yet, but it sounds like a good strategy. Once a single sign-in is available across all the Zoho services – there’s twelve in all – this could be really powerful…”

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » ZohoProjects challenges Basecamp on project management


2 Responses to Basecamp has Competition

  1. Arvind says:

    Thanks for taking note of the Zoho Projects launch, Frank! Do try it out & we will be glad to hear your feedback.

  2. There are many sites competing with basecamp now. For example, I just signed up for a free trial on OnStage:

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