CNN and AOL launch new video services

July 31, 2006

(Marshall Kirkpatrick, TechCrunch) “Two Time Warner sites are making serious moves into online video. CNN is expected to formally launch today a system for collecting user generated content, with video at the center of its strategy. The basics are already up at CNN Exchange. The system will be powered by – quite a deal to land for them. A CNet story this weekend said that war footage from Lebanon found on YouTube was a big part of the inspiration for Exchange, but you have to assume this has been in the works for some time. CNN Exchange will of course be about submission more than upload or sharing; I’ll be curious to see what percentage of submitted videos appear on the site. CNN will retain non-exclusive ownership of the submitted content and does not appear to plan compensation for content providers…”

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » CNN, AOL launch new video services – trouble for startups?


iMac Your Car

July 31, 2006

(BusinessWeek online) “A German company has developed a high-end in-car system based on an Apple iMac G5, whose entire hardware in turn is integrated into the 17-inch monitor that is only 5 centimeters thick…”

iMac Your Car

The Attention Enonomy

July 31, 2006

Interesting comments…

(Greg Leonhard, Digital-Lifestyles) “Much has been said about the so-called “Attention Economy.” – the new buzzword and visionary’s catch-all phrase for a dawning, digitally networked ecosystem – where attention is worth a lot more than distribution, where ‘having the time’ is the final frontier and the great democratizer, where the ‘longtail’ rules and where many businesses that have –and keep – people’s attention stand to prosper dramatically.”

The Attention Economy And The Music Business –

Trusted Space – Todd Mundt recommending Robert Patterson

July 31, 2006

(Todd Mundt) “If you’ve not had the opportunity to read Rob Paterson’s collection of pieces on Trusted Space, then push everything aside right now and read them. Paterson uses real world examples to get inside the idea of trusted space and how public media can successfully become a trusted space for its members.A few nuggets:..”


New Marketing Perspectives from John Hagel

July 31, 2006

(Jon Hagel) “We are in the early stages of a profound shift in the economics of business that will transform marketing (along with many other things). Three shifts in economics are occurring in parallel…”

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Mastering New Marketing Practices

Andersen’s final comments on the Lee Gnomes "controversy”

July 31, 2006

(Chris Andersen) “The whole episode was an interesting and in many ways educational experience. The big lesson, as Rex Hammock points out, was the advantage of having a blog. The WSJ got the first word, but the conversation continued out here in the blogosphere, both in my comments and on other blogs thanks to the very classy decision of the WSJ editors to put a link to my response in a prominent box in Gomes’ story. Gomes, not having his own blog (by WSJ policy perhaps), was forced to respond by asking blogger Nick Carr to post an email from him the next morning, which was too little, too late…”

The Long Tail: Backlash coda

WiFi needs more space…

July 31, 2006

(Mark Gimein, BusinessWeek online) “The white space—unused spectrum between TV channels—could be key to new wireless services, but big telcos say it’s a threat…”

Online Extra: WiFi Eyes the Empty Airwaves